About Joe Martino


Although I am primarily an abstract expressionist artist, from time to time I paint in a more realistic or impressionistic style. I particularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with design, color and a variety of different media. My paintings are characterized by a sense of mystery that invites the viewer in. My paintings often have a hint of realism hidden in the textures, colors, and shapes and I am always looking to stimulate an emotional response by the viewer.

I usually start with illustration board, stretched watercolor paper or canvas. I work in layers of acrylic paint, gesso and modeling paste. I often use various fibers, papers, and metals to create texture. The discipline of content and composition is sometimes left to chance, often coming from a place that knows both intention and freedom of the artistic spirit and may involve little structured direction. From a spontaneous beginning, to the addition of layers of color and texture, my paintings evolve toward excitement and depth and emotion.

As a former teacher of chemistry, anatomy, and marine biology, I am an artist at heart and am greatly influenced by science and nature. For me, there is a strong connection between science, artistic expression, and creativity. An artist friend of mine described my paintings and my pallet as “organic”….I like that. My current work involves the use of foils and acrylic paint on large canvases to create texture, luster, and blended colors. I love being spontaneous and trying new things. I am constantly exploring new ways to bring my painting to life.

Joe Martino